The Cork Stop is a local wine and craft beer shop that brings a unique element to the area. Created by two school teachers, Sophia Stamos and Valerie Gidaris-Papantonakis The Cork Stop was a dream that came to reality, when the opportunity presented itself.

Coincidentally, the pair hired their husbands, Frank (wine director) and Nick (craft beer director), to run the day to day operation for The Cork Stop. The team crafted a philosophy of only offering quality produced wines from smaller wineries around the world that practice organic farming and have very little intervention in their wine making methods. Their campaign slogan is
‘Drink Better Wine’, which pays tribute to all the winemakers they work with that have a deep passion for producing high quality wines naturally.

The team’s, wine director, Frank Stamos is a certified wine specialist that brings 20 years of experience to The Cork Stop. His background includes brand portfolio manager for several importers in New York and Massachusetts. At the same token, Frank was a partner and beverage director for the Meze Restaurant Group in Charlestown, MA, receiving numerous accolades and awards for his impressive and distinct wine lists. He also had the opportunity of working for Legal Seafoods as a beverage manager, while working alongside, Master of Wine, Sandy Block.

The Cork Stop’s craft beer director, Nick, brings 15 years of experience in the food & beverage industry. He specifically focuses on highly crafted beers from local to national breweries. Beer has come a long way from what it used to be. There are so many new types of beers being brewed in the market, that Nick spends countless days sourcing the best choices for The Cork Stop.

Receive hands on assistance at every visit, by the specialists to provide you with wine or craft beer that suit your taste presences or let them intrigue you with selections outside of your comfort zone.

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