Urban Wine Club, The Hottest New Subscription

Who doesn’t love wine? Do you sometimes feel like you’re in a rut, sipping the same familiar vintages week after week, month after month? With your job, family, and friends filling your schedule, there just isn’t enough time to do the research to figure out what different wines might be worth trying and then hunting them down.

What if you could enjoy new wines each and every month tailored to your taste and price preferences? And what if you could have all this without ever leaving the comfort of your home and have wine delivered right to your door?

Welcome to the Urban Wine Club! The brainchild of The Cork Stop’s wine director, Frank Stamos, the club makes enjoying new wines year round easy, worry-free and affordable.

Why Join?

Flexibility. Urban Wine Club offers several subscription options. You can choose deliveries of three or six bottles twice a month, once a month or every three months.

Value. Three-bottle deliveries cost $59, or $19.67 per bottle. Six-bottle deliveries are $109, a savings of about $1.50 per bottle. Either way, your Urban Wine Club subscription delivers the best wine available for the money. Note that these prices include shipping, handling, and delivery charges.

Express yourself. The bottles you receive are selected just for you. Subscribers fill out a short personal wine profile consisting of 10 questions that help determine the type of wine drinker you are.

Convenience. Subscribers do not have to be concerned about missing deliveries or wasting valuable time waiting for the FedEx truck to show up. Club drivers will hand deliver your wine to you at your home or workplace at the specified day and time. What could be easier?

Expertise. Your personal sommelier, Frank Stamos, is a certified wine specialist with 20 years of experience. He has been a brand portfolio manager for importers in New York and Massachusetts. Frank was a partner and beverage director for Meze Restaurant Group in Charlestown, MA, receiving numerous accolades and awards for his impressive and distinct wine lists. He also worked for Legal Sea Foods as a beverage manager alongside Master of Wine Sandy Block.

Social. As a subscriber to the Urban Wine Club, you get access to wine seminars conducted by Frank. They can be held at The Cork Stop or at your home, business or any other venue. Seminars combine information and tasting. They are a great way to share your love of wine with friends, family, and co-workers.

Great product. The Cork Stop strives to offer only products from smaller wineries around the world that practice organic farming and have very little intervention in their winemaking methods. That philosophy carries over to the Urban Wine Club. As a subscriber, you can be assured that you are not only getting an unbeatable value but supporting winemakers who are passionate about producing high-quality wines naturally.

Are you ready to join one of the fastest growing, hottest wine clubs?

How to Join.

Everything you need to know to get started is on our website http://urbanwineclub.co/

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