Wine Collection Ideas That You Can Share With Friends

Do you love everything about wine? The sound of a cork popping. Feeling the bottle in your hands. The swirl of color in your perfect wine glass. Complex layers of tastes on your palate. Sharing your favorite wines with friends.

Perhaps you’re thinking about starting a wine collection of your own. But hearing that a case of Romanée Conti just went for $59,000 or more makes you think twice. Don’t be discouraged. Experts say the key to wine collecting happiness is preparation.


Below Are Great Wine Collection Tips:


Decide on investment or hobby.

Are you collecting to sell down the road for a big profit? Or are you more interested in having a collection of favorite vintages on hand to enjoy with friends and family? Remember, fine wine is not a liquid asset. There are no guarantees prices will appreciate.

Collecting for the pure enjoyment of it means having your favorite wines on hand for special occasions. Wine lovers can also save money by buying the better vintages before they age.

Establish a budget

Whether collecting as an investment or for pleasure, decide how much you want to spend. Alder Yarrow of suggests that as little as $300-$400 is enough to buy “some excellent bottles that will last 20 years.” But if you can spare $1,000, that’s ideal. And remember, purchases can be spread out over years.

Collect what you enjoy drinking

You really enjoy wine and it’s why you want to start collecting in the first place. So think about what pleases your palate the most. Gradually, you can assemble a diverse collection. But in the beginning, experts say, concentrate on wines you like to drink.


Wines age best at a constant 55 degrees and 75 percent humidity. If you plan to use your basement, take temperature readings at different times to make sure there are no fluctuations. If the environment is not humid enough, corks will dry out and ruin the wine.

Compact kitchen refrigeration units can be a good choice for novice collectors. and they keep several bottles easily accessible. For those with space or climate limitations, small off-site storage lockers can be rented for about $50 per month.

Avoid the trophy trap

Trophy wines are seen as the crown jewels of collecting. Too often they are over-hyped and expensive, and you may have to wait years for a bottle. Do your homework, and you can find comparable quality for much less.

Taste test

Avoid buying based solely on scores or someone else’s tasting notes. Nothing is more valuable than trying it yourself. Take advantage of tasting events at reputable shops like The Cork Stop and check out wineries in your area. Or plan a vacation to a wine-producing region.


Seek out regions where you can acquire high-quality vintages at attractive prices. The Cork Stop, for instance, specializes in vintages from smaller wineries that minimize intervention in the production process and use no chemicals.

Continue learning

The world of wine is constantly changing. Take advantage of the Internet, as well as local experts. Read reviews and books. Taste, talk with fellow wine lovers and ask questions. The more you know, the more you will enjoy your wine-collecting journey.

Interested in learning more?

Consider attending wine tasting events, workshops or joining a wine club.  

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